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Zeeroh + Gus #3

2011-07-30 12:07:35 by CyborgCactus

Hey everyone. Just letting you know I'm still alive. It's been quite a while since I've been active here, but I have been intending to make another Z+G since I released the last one way back in October for Halloween. I brainstormed a bunch of ideas, but before I could actually start anything, Life (mainly work) just decided to elbow its way in front of me. A month or two ago I got a chance to start drawing some backgrounds and record a few lines of dialogue, but it's been hard to find time to get stuff done. My schedule's been packed with working, and trying to relax after the draining job, but I really want to get another Z+G out there.
To everyone who liked the previous animations and have been waiting for the next one- It's on its way. i just don't know when exactly. I would like to say the end of August, but I really don't know if I can promise that. I also want to thank everyone who likes and encourages this budding series, you're the reason i want to make more of em. :)

So yeah, bottom line: New Zeeroh and Gus on its way- slowly but surely.


"Zeeroh and Gus: Mischief night" is in the creation stages! Let's hope I can finish it before Halloween. 0_o
This one is focusing a little more on story structure/plot than the first one; but like the first one, there will of course be bloodshed and gross, detailed close-ups. I hope all you guys are as excited for it as I am. If all goes as planned, keep an eye out for another Z+G sometime in the last 2 weeks of October.


Zeeroh and Gus 2 coming soon(ish)!

Zeeroh and Gus!!

2010-08-18 17:55:09 by CyborgCactus

New vid up today! though procrastination had a tight grip on me, i managed to muscle through and get it done. thanks to everyone who supported me, and more thanks to everyone to watched it already and enjoyed it!


Something new!

2010-07-11 10:07:01 by CyborgCactus

Working on a new project that i think will be really funny. i havent really made a funny animation with the main purpose of being funny before, but so far, im happy with whats its becoming. keep an eye out, it should be up in a while

almost a year?!

2010-06-17 11:38:29 by CyborgCactus

wow, i cant believe its been almost a year since i last posted something on Newgrounds. It was my final year at college though, so i guess i can blame it on being busy. maybe. I would like to think now that i am out of school for good, i will make more animations, but just thinking about it makes the lazyness in my head smile evilly. oh well. if i get back in the groove, i got a few ideas i can work off of, so we shall see.

New Animation!

2009-07-31 22:40:00 by CyborgCactus

Hey, brand new video just uploaded today! It's about a dream I had a while back where I climbed down a latter sticking out of a kayak, found an unsettling place, and had a bunch of weird stuff happen. Very strange, but entertaining. Give it a look. Comments/Critique appreciated!

First uploads

2009-06-10 13:34:35 by CyborgCactus

Hi, I have watched so many videos on this website, dating way back to 2000/2001 or so when I first discovered the site. Having taken a beginners Flash animation course at my college, I really fell in love with it. My love for the class really helped me create stuff that was in the top quarter of the class in terms of quality/complexity. I decided that it was time to stop just watching the animations here and start contributing. Therefore I picked a couple of my better assignments and after I tweak them a little so they work better (load screens, replay buttons) I will load them up here for you to enjoy.
Unfortunately the one project that I spent the most time on has major problems with sound and it would take me so so so long to try to fix it, I just don't have the patience to do it, especially when it took me a couple days to just get it to try to work originally, which it did for a while, idk what happened.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy my stuff. I know I enjoyed making it. theres more on the way; I have one in the works (not an assignment, just something i wanted to do, yay!) and a short list of ideas to build upon.
Keep an eye out for me, I may be famous soon haha. nah, probably not :P