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Zeeroh + Gus #3

2011-07-30 12:07:35 by CyborgCactus

Hey everyone. Just letting you know I'm still alive. It's been quite a while since I've been active here, but I have been intending to make another Z+G since I released the last one way back in October for Halloween. I brainstormed a bunch of ideas, but before I could actually start anything, Life (mainly work) just decided to elbow its way in front of me. A month or two ago I got a chance to start drawing some backgrounds and record a few lines of dialogue, but it's been hard to find time to get stuff done. My schedule's been packed with working, and trying to relax after the draining job, but I really want to get another Z+G out there.
To everyone who liked the previous animations and have been waiting for the next one- It's on its way. i just don't know when exactly. I would like to say the end of August, but I really don't know if I can promise that. I also want to thank everyone who likes and encourages this budding series, you're the reason i want to make more of em. :)

So yeah, bottom line: New Zeeroh and Gus on its way- slowly but surely.



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2012-09-18 21:46:15

Z + G deserved more attention, i loved both of them, best thing on ng by far, it was very funny and had a unique sense of humor. Up there with WGJ4K. :D